Puts Selkirk on the map’: City reaches agreement for $400M solar glass manufacturing plant

A multi-million dollar investment in Selkirk, Man. is one step closer to becoming reality.

The City of Selkirk announced Wednesday that it had entered into an option to purchase agreement with Canadian Premium Sand Inc. that would allow the company to purchase land in the city to build a patterned solar glass manufacturing plant.

“We’re so excited about this opportunity here,” said Duane Nicol, Selkirk’s chief administrative officer. “This puts Selkirk on the map in terms of the green economy.

“We know that solar panels are a growth industry in the world, there’s a growing demand for providing that product as we transition away from fossil fuel-based electricity to renewable based electricity.”

The plant, when approved, will be located off Highway 9 in the city’s old industrial park, on 121 acres of land. According to a news release, the plant represents a $400 million investment in Selkirk.

“It’s the largest industrial investment in our community in over 100 years,” Nicol said.

Nicol added, once finished, the plant will provide 300 jobs in the community, and he said there will be additional economic spinoffs.

“All the support industries and customers of that product, as well as all the supports to the people that need to work in the transportation and all of those things that will benefit,” he said. “It’s a huge opportunity for the City of Selkirk. It’s also a great benefit for the people of Manitoba because these are, you know, these are jobs and spin off for the entire province.”

Before the agreement can be finalized, Canadian Premium Sand must receive an environmental licence from the Manitoba government.

If approved, construction of the plant is expected to take place in 2023.


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